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Our company manufactures aluminum doors & windows possessing experience and expertise of many years. Our long presence in the demanding construction, enables us to offer high quality solutions, high strength and at the best prices in the market.

We offer a wide range of all types of aluminum frames comprising:

  • xClusive Entrance Doors
  • Aluminium Opening Systems
  • Aluminium Sliding Systems
  • Shutter Systems
  • Insect Screen Systems
  • Curtain Wall Systems

Our products

Main Entrance System

xClusive 88i2

It changes the data at the main entrances, offering all the advantages


Opening Systems

4600i2 / 5600i2 / x86i2

They offer high levels of heat & sound insulation and maximum safety.


Sliding System

6500 / 6700i2 / 6800i2

The ideal solution where space saving is imposed and flexibility in manufacturing.


Shading Systems


The aesthetic integration of frame and consequently of a project.


Insect Screen Systems

Fly Screens

Unique functionality, ease of use, perfect fit into our systems.


Aluminium frames is our business,

making your life our passion

Aluminum: A friendly Metal

Aluminium allows rooms to “breathe” and at the same time, by using contemporary technology methods, offers exceptional Thermal Insulation.
Aluminium belongs to light metals, with high strength, suitable for large constructions that allow the inflow of natural light.
Aluminium is durable, adding timeless value to buildings needing the least of maintenance.
It is 100% recyclable, using only 5% of the total primary energy needed, to get recycled.

Aluminium windows offer numerous advantages to the building users and create quality environments.

Modern urbanization sets people inside buildings for more than 90% of their total daily time (York University,
Sleeping, eating, working, entertainment and the rest of our actions take place within the walls.

Since 1970, when contemporary urban model appeared through the mass construction of block of flats, new diseases developed due to the environment inside the new buildings (SBS: Sick Buildings Syndrome).
That is why, designing and construction should fulfill the highest expectations in terms of lighting, ventilation, warmth/coolness and soundproof.

Save money!

Learn about our products and How to save money by replacing your old frames.

Energy Performance

Selecting one of our systems, save up to 35% of heating and cooling costs, due to the low rates of heat transfer systems.