xClusive 88i2 Main Entrance



The linear and alongside, the modern design of Exclusive Panel with decorative inox which located at the same level with the panel, modular thermal profile and simple lines create a beautiful outcome which lends prestige to the overall image of housing. Wide variety of accessories, such as opening with keyboard, wireless systems, fingerprint or even using your Smartphone.

Thermal insulation

The energy input rate is an essential criterion for its selection and the xClusive 88i2 lowers the index in just Ud = 0.95 W / m2K, which is accredited by the Institute of Rosenheim. The polyamide bars, the three-level chambers of the profile and the good quality of insulating materials create a "wall" thermal insulation.


The robustness of the door structure, the multi-point locks and the other components combined with triplex glazing 4+4mm and the reinforced aluminum sheets 3mm thick in and out, act as an inhibitor for its violation. Optionally, can be used 2mm steel sheet inside the panel for more safety.

Water tightness

The three-level water tightness system of K.88 guarantees complete avoidance of water inside. The EPDM rubbers, which located on the frame, the sash and the sill and also, on the EPDM corners bring an excellent water tightness outcome.


Features & Benefits